Thursday, 13 May 2010

Leaving Frenchwood Street

I have lived on Frenchwood Street in Preston for 5 years (2 weeks short of 5 years), but by the end of this week i'll be moving to a new place. I'm surrounded by boxes and the walls are now bare, the phone gets cut off tomorrow and the local charity shop has refused any more of my tat. Lots has happened in the past 5 years: good and bad. I'm happy to leave this street now with the crime and grime (the police use our wheelie bin to tie the crime scene tape to!), but i am quite fond of the place too and our neighbours are lovely.

The dandelion leaves here are from the top end of Frenchwood Street (from a most precious spot). Although they look a bit weak and pathetic (i collected them a couple of months ago) the plant is now beautiful, healthy and green with a couple of full flowers on: surviving in the crack in the dirty pavement. I collected new leaves from the same plant yesterday - probably the last i'll collect from this street.


  1. It is sad to see the end of this era! How would you and I have become such good friends if it weren't for Frenchwood Street? But I know you are moving on to better things now. Take lots of pictures especially of the plaque by the front door for you and Hanny (sp?).
    Best of luck with the move!

  2. Thanks - i need it. I have so much stuff (as you know) and now i'm getting it all off walls and into boxes it looks so much more: there is now a box shortage in Preston.