Thursday, 14 January 2010


I have a particular type of diary that I like to present my collected dandelions in.
For 2008 and 2009 Thomas Saible painted the covers for me. It makes them very beautiful on the outside. However, they are a bit messy on the inside and my hand writing is (and always has been) rubbish.

I'll collect a dandelion leaf from anywhere I visit - well anywhere I remember to collect one.

I don't like to travel with the dandelion diary as it's too precious. Because of this I often tuck leaves away in my sketchbook, but forget they are there until weeks later; or in my wallet between credit cards... hmmm - you'd think i'd worked out a good method by now.
I actually collect 2 leaves from each plant - one for the diary and the other for the dandelion archive (which, at this point, is still a figment of my imagination).


  1. Nice : )

    How do you choose the two leaves?

  2. Hello Mr
    I choose them both from the same plant and if i have a choice i'll avoid eaten, tatty ones (but that's not always possible). It's often not about the dandelion, but about the place I am or the person i'm visiting.

  3. I kind of like the idea of eaten and tatty leaves too, by way of contrast I suppose. There's the thing that you get in guide books where they always like to show 'perfect' specimens that are in some sort of complete and finished state but that's not always the way we encounter stuff. It's always changing.