Monday, 11 January 2010


"A specimen without a label is useless"

"It is impermissible to press a plant, let alone to send it to anyone else, without a proper label, preferably in permanent ink, dark pencil or typed, giving as an absolute minimum the habitat, locality, grid reference, vice-county, date, collector's name, flower colour and habit"
Arthur O. Chater, Collecting and Pressing Specimens.

A specimen without a label is only useless to a botanist. But i'm not a botanist, i'm an artist. So i've made my own labels and use my own system of catergorising.

(The label here shows an image of Hemlock Conium maculatum on it - i do have a label with dandelion leaves, but i can't be bothered to look for it on my computer - sorry)

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